5 months ago

DJ Paul was one of the highlights of our wedding! His music kept everyone on the dance floor all night, and his MC skills were exactly what we needed to make all of the special announcements for the day. We've received so many compliments on our choice of DJ. He's my first choice for any of my future events! Thanks, Paul, for helping to make our day unforgettable!

BJ Papa
6 months ago

Paul was phenomenal! From the moment we booked him for my wedding, he kept my wife and I in the loop with his set up times, song choices and asked if we had any requests. He kept it professional and even took on being our announcer/host of the wedding reception. He kept the dance floor lively with great song choices. All our guests were pleased and I 100% recommend him to be your DJ for any event. Will definitely book again for any future events. Thanks DJ PMICD!!

Joshua Kenes
6 months ago

Paul made our wedding the talk of all my peers. Paul brought the energy, made amazing videos and was the most professional vender we had. Can't thank Paul enough. My friends still comment on how fun our wedding was because of DJ Paul. Thank out Paul!

Modesta Ventura
6 months ago

Paul is awesome. He is the best DJ we ever had for our holiday parties. He is energetic, keeps us dancing through the night. I will have no other DJ and I highly recommend him for any event.

Brooke Shaffer
6 months ago

We won’t have a party without Paul! We literally had to cancel one year because he was already booked! I have used him probably a dozen times now and have a great experience every time. He knows when and when not to talk on the mic and knows how to work the crowd. His pricing is very fair. We book our parties around his schedule because he is the BEST!

6 months ago

He dj’d my brother’s wedding, my wedding, as well as a work event. People of all ages were hitting the dance floor. He’s been great! Recommended

Craig King
6 months ago

p mic d has DJ'd an annual charity event/party of mine for the last two years and I have him booked for this year's as well. It is an outdoor event for ~220 people consisting of Dads & Kids so the variety of music is a bit of a challenge to cater to kids from 4-17 and Dads.

Paul KILLED IT both years. The playlists were incredible, and everyone had a blast. His ability to read the crowd and react in the moment with song samples and selections was uncanny. Such great energy and I HIGHLY recommend.

6 months ago

Best DJ! Have used Paul for at least 10 holiday parties and even recommended him to a friend for a wedding. He kills it. Great for various types of events and wide genres of music. Great guy to work with, fair price, always reliable.

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